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An apparatus and its method of use are provided allowing lavage, sump and enteral feeding operations with only one intubation. The apparatus includes a first tube having two distinct passageways. One of these passageways completely contains a second, feeding tube during intubation. Once the first tube is in place in the patient, the second tube is extended from the first tube so as to enter the stomach. The extension of the second tube opens ports in the first passageway of the first tube, thereby allowing sump or lavage treatment with the second passageway of the first tube serving as an air vent. A constriction in the end of the first passageway engages a band on the proximal end of the second tube to keep the tubes together. Once gastric emptying of the patient resumes, the second tube immediately moves into the duodenum then into the jejunum past the Ligament of Treitz and the first tube is withdrawn from the patient while maintaining the second tube in position for enteral feeding through feeding ports in its distal end.


University of Kentucky Research Foundation, Lexington, Ky.

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