This research examined the beliefs and actions of US midwestern librarians concerning intellectual freedom and collection development. The results are presented in two complementary articles; the first article provided some background and the results pertaining to intellectual freedom, whereas the second article focuses on the results for collection development questions and concludes with a broader discussion. While the first article focused on intellectual freedom beliefs, the second focuses more on actions that are thought to be influenced by those beliefs. The data were obtained through a survey with a 21.37% response rate. In general, respondents—particularly those with master of library science (MLS) degrees—reported agreement with ALA collection development stances. When asked about purchasing hypothetical items, respondents said they would purchase most of them. This research revealed that the most significant variable across all questions was whether respondents had the MLS degree.

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Published in The Library Quarterly, v. 89, no. 2, p. 156-172.

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