The availability of powerful and sensor-enabled mobile and Internet-connected devices have enabled the advent of the ubiquitous sensor network paradigm which is providing various types of solutions to the community and the individual user in various sectors including environmental monitoring, entertainment, transportation, security, and healthcare. We explore and compare the features of wireless sensor networks and ubiquitous sensor networks and based on the differences between these two types of systems, we classify the security-related challenges of ubiquitous sensor networks. We identify and discuss solutions available to address these challenges. Finally, we briefly discuss open challenges that need to be addressed to design more secure ubiquitous sensor networks in the future.

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Published in Procedia Computer Science, v. 109, p. 737-744.

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Alfredo J. Perez was supported by the US National Science Foundation under award 1560214. Sherali Zeadally was partially supported by a University Research Professorship Award from the University of Kentucky.