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Healthcare providers reported that many in-person services had stopped and that other services were delivered remotely or via telehealth. Some services that were still in-person moved to curbside delivery, including family planning visits. Others described a shift in roles within the community, primarily to support COVID testing.

When asked about the impact of COVID-19, educators described an expansion of roles among staff and a rapid adoption of new technology. Educators also described their staff as being dedicated to meeting the needs of their students including assuring access to food and learning materials for those without reliable internet.

Community health workers (CHWs) stated that they had seen changes in the types of clients contacting them, observed changing needs of clients, had been required to change how they delivered services to clients, and noted changes to the work environment.

Community members, including clients of CHWs, voiced concerns that they might catch the virus or were concerned that they would unintentionally infect more vulnerable members of their community. Depression was frequently self-reported among respondents.

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