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Master of Science (MS)

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Master's Thesis


Arts and Sciences



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Dr. Rachel H. Farr


Although the literature on identity and related constructs among adolescents, emerging adults, and diverse populations is growing, little research has investigated identity among adolescents and emerging adults specifically in the context of LGBTQ+ parent families. The present study seeks to fill this gap in the literature by qualitatively investigating identity development and importance among diverse youth with LGBTQ+ parents. Participants are 51 youth (ages 12-25 years) with at least one LGBTQ+ parent. Trained personnel conducted remote, audio-recorded, semi-structured interviews from December 2018-February 2020. Interviews included questions about participants’ individual identities and conversations they have had with their parents about those identities. Using inductive thematic analysis, a trained team has coded responses from transcribed interviews. Analyses revealed six themes surrounding participants’ identities: Identity Type, Appearance, Representation Responsibility, Interaction between Personal Identity and Parent/Family Identity, Community Impact on Identity Development, and Interaction of Personal Identities. Themes indicate that parent identity, family identity, and community all impact the personal identities of youth with LGBTQ+ parents. Findings contribute to current psychological literature on identity and LGBTQ+ families, and help support and highlight this population across health settings, law and policy, as well as broad societal understanding.

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The William T. Grant Foundation funded this study. The grant is titled Scholars Program Grant and was given to Dr. Rachel Farr in 2018.