In recent months, environmental issues relating to land application of animal and industrial wastes have been widely debated in Kentucky. On several occasions, members of the University of Kentucky Agronomy Department have been asked to provide scientific information and technical interpretation related to these complex and controversial issues. To be certain that the public and policy makers are provided with consistent and scientifically sound information, the Agronomy Department has decided to release consensus statements on some of the major agronomic issues involved. These statements reflect our best scientifically based interpretations of these important subjects. Several of our faculty with long experience and outstanding expertise in soil chemistry, soil microbiology, soil fertility, water quality, forage production systems and animal waste management participated. They were assigned the task of preparing two statements:

  1. A discussion of phosphorus reactions in soil, particularly as related to the phosphorus content of animal manures.
  2. Accumulation of nutrients in soil as this affects the allowable frequency of application of animal wastes.

The two statements, printed as follows, represent a collective analysis and interpretation of these issues by numerous expert faculty in the Agronomy Department.

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