About three-fourths of Kentucky's cropland base occurs on sloping land with some degree of erosion hazard. During the past decade, production of soybeans and corn increased rapidly in Kentucky, particularly on sloping land. This resulted in severe erosion on many farms, particularly in the "intensive grain producing counties. Much of this field erosion could be greatly reduced by developing a system for each field that would incorporate use of such agronomic practices as sod waterways, no-till planting, contour plowing, minimum tillage, strip cropping, double-cropping, winter cover crops, crop residue management and rotations. It is believed that the current acreage of corn and soybean can be maintained and even expanded in some areas if such production-oriented erosion control practices were widely used.

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Appreciation is expressed to the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Kentucky ASCS office of the USDA for partial financial support of this project, and to the Kentucky SCS office of the USDA for partial technical support for the project.