Maturity Group (MG) II soybean varieties have performed well in University of Kentucky tests over the past several years. Six tests from 1986 to 1989 showed MG II varieities to outyield MG I, III, or IV varieties. During those relatively dry years, MG II may have been able to better utilize limited soil moisture than did later maturing varieties. Across the years 1990 to 1993, four planting date tests showed continued strong performance by MG II' varieties, although MG III and IV varieties had slightly higher yield averages during those wetter years. In summary, over the last eight years of UK testing, MG II varieties have produced average yields virtually identical to those of MG III or MG IV varieties. Thus, growers could plant a portion of their soybean acreage to MG II varieties and gain the advantages of earlier harvest, more fall planting options, and perhaps profit from higher early fall cash market prices.

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