Grain samples have been collected each year since 1990 from three locations of the Kentucky Hybrid Corn Performance Test and analyzed for crude protein. The objective was to provide an unbiased comparative evaluation of the crude protein content of corn hybrids sold in Kentucky. The results indicate that while management and environment at each test 1ocat i on may have significant influences, crude protein does differ among hybrid genotypes. The feeding value of specific hybrid genotypes based on their protein content may have significant influence in diet formulation for non-ruminant animals owing to the amount of supplement needed to properly balance the diet, and may be an important economic factor in animal production. Previous summaries of annual results have been published. Only crude protein data are included in this report and are summarized over locations in a year and as multiple year summaries.

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Supported In part by grants from the Kentucky Corn Utilization Fund supplied by the Kentucky Corn Checkoff Program.