An experiment was conducted in the field during 1966 on Maury silt loam soil to obtain information of the effects of agronomic factors on yield and value of Burley 21 tobacco . Ammonium nitrate fertilizer at varying rates, and concentrated super-phosphate and potassium sulfate at constant rates , were broadcast and disked in after plowing and before transplanting. All plots received irrigation water (sprinkler system) to supplement rainfall when soil moisture dropped below 60% of available moisture-holding capacity. Sucker control practices utilized were (a) no topping - no suckering, (b) topping - no suckering, (c) topping - hand suckering, and (d) topping - MH-30. Half of the tobacco was harvested early (about 1 week prior to maturity) and half late (1 week past maturity) . However, N fertilizer at the 400 lb/ acre N rate delayed maturity about 2 weeks beyond that for tobacco treated at the 100 and 200 N rates . Thus all the early harvests were made 1 week prior to maturity, the 100- and 200-lb N treated plots 2 weeks later, and the 400-lb N plots 4 weeks after the early harvest.

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