During the past four years soybean acreage has nearly tripled in Kentucky to 1.1 million acres in 1973. Even though the total acreage has increased substantially, the average yield per acre has declined slightly during the same period to 28 bushels per acre in 1973. Why this low statewide average yield when we know that some Kentucky farmers consistently produce yields of over 40 bushels per acre? Many factors can contribute to this problem including; improper use of herbicides and pesticides, inadequate soil fertility, non-adapted varieties, low quality planting seed, and timely management of all production practices. The objective of this survey was to determine the varieties and quality of soybean seed being planted by Kentucky farmers in the major soybean producing areas of the state in the spring of 1973. To accomplish this, personnel were hired that lived in the areas and could readily travel to farms and collect samples at planting time.

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Appreciation is expressed to the members of Kentucky Seed Improvement Association, for providing the financial assistance necessary to pay those persons taking the samples for the survey.