Magnaporthaceae is a family of ascomycetes that includes three fungi of great economic importance: Magnaporthe oryzae, Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici, and Magnaporthe poae. These three fungi cause widespread disease and loss in cereal and grass crops, including rice blast disease (M. oryzae), take-all disease in wheat and other grasses (G. graminis), and summer patch disease in turf grasses (M. poae). Here, we present the finished genome sequence for M. oryzae and draft sequences for M. poae and G. graminis var. tritici. We used multiple technologies to sequence and annotate the genomes of M. oryzae, M. poae, and G. graminis var. tritici. The M. oryzae genome is now finished to seven chromosomes whereas M. poae and G. graminis var. tritici are sequenced to 40.0× and 25.0× coverage respectively. Gene models were developed by the use of multiple computational techniques and further supported by RNAseq data. In addition, we performed preliminary analysis of genome architecture and repetitive element DNA.

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Published in G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics, v. 5, no. 12, p. 2539-2545.

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Laura Okagaki was supported by the Triinstitutional Molecular Mycology and Pathogenesis training grant (National Institutes of Health 5T32-AI052080-09). Funding was provided by National Science Foundation MCB-0333269 (Birren and Dean), Current Research Information System Project 5348- 22000-012-00D (Okubara), and MCB-0731808 (Dean, Ma, Kohn, Okubara, and Mitchell).

FileS1.txt (112 kB)
File S1 - De novo repetitive element library for <em>M. oryzae</em>.

FileS2.txt (29 kB)
File S2 - De novo repetitive element library for <em>M. poae</em>

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File S3 - De novo repetitive element library for <em>G. graminis var. tritici</em>.