In the last twenty years, the theory of hyperfine splitting in muonium developed without any experimental input. Finally, this situation is changing and a new experiment on measuring hyperfine splitting in muonium is now in progress at J-PARC. The goal of the MuSEUM experiment is to improve by an order of magnitude experimental accuracy of the hyperfine splitting and muon-electron mass ratio. Uncertainty of the theoretical prediction for hyperfine splitting will be crucial for comparison between the forthcoming experimental data and the theory in search of a possible new physics. In the current literature estimates of the error bars of the theoretical prediction differ roughly by a factor of two. We explain the origin of this discrepancy and obtain the theoretical prediction for the muonium hyperfine splitting ΔvthHFS (Mu) = 4 463 302 872 (515) Hz, δ = 1.2 x 10-7.

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Published in Physics Letters B, v. 795, p. 113-116.

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