In this study, we present an analysis of a sample of field blue straggler (BS) stars that show high ultra violet emission in their spectral energy distributions (SEDs): indication of a hot white dwarf (WD) companion to BS. Using photometry available in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) and Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) surveys, we identified 80 stars with ultraviolet (UV) excess. To determine the parameter distributions (mass, temperature, and age) of the WD companions, we developed a fitting routine that could fit binary model SEDs to the observed SED. Results from this fit indicate the need for a hot WD companion to provide the excess UV flux. The WD mass distribution peaks at ∼0.4M⁠, suggesting the primary formation channel of field BSs is case B mass transfer, i.e. when the donor star is in red giant phase of its evolution. Based on stellar evolutionary models, we estimate the lower limit of the binary mass transfer efficiency to be β ∼ 0.5.

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Published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, v. 479, issue 2, p. 2623-2629.

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