The Doppler-shift attenuation method following inelastic neutron scattering was used to determine the lifetimes of nuclear levels to 3.3-MeV excitation in 124Te. Level energies and spins, γ-ray energies and branching ratios, and multipole-mixing ratios were deduced from measured γ-ray angular distributions at incident neutron energies of 2.40 and 3.30 MeV, γ-ray excitation functions, and γγ coincidence measurements. The newly obtained reduced transition probabilities and level energies for 124Te were compared to critical-point symmetry model predictions. The E(5) and β4 potential critical-point symmetries were also investigated in 122Te and 126Te.

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Published in Physical Review C, v. 95, issue 3, 034322, p. 1-13.

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Support of this project by the Department of Energy through NNSA/SSAA Grant No. DE-NA0002931 and the National Science Foundation through Grants No. PHY-9600431, No. PHY-9626846, and No. PHY-1606890 is gratefully acknowledged.

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