Differential cross sections for elastic scattering of photons from the deuteron have recently been measured at the Tagged-Photon Facility at theMAX IV Laboratory in Lund, Sweden. These first new measurements in more than a decade further constrain the isoscalar electromagnetic polarizabilities of the nucleon and provide the first-ever results above 100 MeV, where the sensitivity to the polarizabilities is increased. We add 23 points between 70 and 112 MeV, at angles 60, 120, and 150. Analysis of these data using a chiral effective field theory indicates that the cross sections are both self-consistent and consistent with previous measurements. Extracted values of αs = [12.1 ± 0.8(stat) ± 0.2(BSR) ±0.8(th)]×10−4 fm3 and βs = [2.4 ± 0.8(stat) ± 0.2(BSR) ±0.8(th)]×10−4 fm3 are obtained from a fit to these 23 new data points. This paper presents in detail the experimental conditions and the data analysis used to extract the cross sections.

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Published in Physical Review C, v. 92, no. 2, article 025203, p. 1-12.

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The Lund group acknowledges the financial support of the Swedish Research Council, the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, the Crafoord Foundation, the Wenner-Gren Foundation, and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. This work was sponsored in part by the US National Science Foundation under Award No. 0855569, the US Department of Energy under Grant Nos. DE-FG02-95ER40907 and DE-FG02-06ER41422, and the UK Science and Technology Facilities Council under Grant Nos. 57071/1 and 50727/1.