We study gauge and gravity backreaction in a holographic model of quantum quench across a superfluid critical transition. The model involves a complex scalar field coupled to a gauge and gravity field in the bulk. In earlier work (arXiv:1211.7076) the scalar field had a strong self-coupling, in which case the backreaction on both the metric and the gauge field can be ignored. In this approximation, it was shown that when a time dependent source for the order parameter drives the system across the critical point at a rate slow compared to the initial gap, the dynamics in the critical region is dominated by a zero mode of the bulk scalar, leading to a Kibble-Zurek type scaling function. We show that this mechanism for emergence of scaling behavior continues to hold without any self-coupling in the presence of backreaction of gauge field and gravity. Even though there are no zero modes for the metric and the gauge field, the scalar dynamics induces adiabaticity breakdown leading to scaling. This yields scaling behavior for the time dependence of the charge density and energy momentum tensor.

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Published in Journal of High Energy Physics, v. 2015, no. 1, article 084, p. 1-22.

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This work is partially supported by National Science Foundation grant PHY-0970069 and a Visiting Professorship at Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics.