Role of Cytokines and Chemokines in Alcohol-Induced Tumor Promotion

Danlei Chen, Anhui Medical University, China
Fengyun Zhang, Anhui Medical University, China
Haifeng Ren, Anhui Medical University, China
Jia Luo, University of Kentucky
Siying Wang, Anhui Medical University, China

Published in OncoTargets and Therapy, v. 10, p. 1665-1671.

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Excessive chronic alcohol consumption has become a worldwide health problem. The oncogenic effect of chronic alcohol consumption is one of the leading concerns. The mechanisms of alcohol-induced tumorigenesis and tumor progression are largely unknown, although many factors have been implicated in the process. This review discusses the recent progress in this research area with concentration on alcohol-induced dysregulation of cytokines and chemokines. Based on the available evidence, we propose that alcohol promotes tumor progression by the dysregulation of the cytokine/chemokine system. In addition, we discuss specific transcription factors and signaling pathways that are involved in the action of these cytokines/chemokines and the oncogenic effect of alcohol. This review provides novel insight into the mechanisms of alcohol-induced tumor promotion.