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Published in EBioMedicine, v. 12, p. 24-25.

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van der Pluijm, I., van Vliet, N., von der Thusen, J. H., Robertus, J. L., Ridwan, Y., van Heijningen, P. M., van Thiel, B. S., Vermeij, M., Hoeks, S. E., Buijs-Offerman, R. M. G. B., Verhagen, H. J. M., Kanaar, R., Bertoli-Avella, A. M., and Essers, J. (2016). Defective connective tissue remodeling in smad3 mice leads to accelerated aneurysmal growth through disturbed downstream TGF-β signaling. EBioMedicine, 12: 280-294. doi: