As an environmental friendly vehicle, the increasing number of electrical vehicles (EVs) leads to a pressing need of widely distributed charging stations, especially due to the limited on-board battery capacity. However, fast charging stations, especially super-fast charging stations may stress power grid with potential overload at peaking time, sudden power gap and voltage sag. This paper discusses the detailed modeling of a multiport converter based EV charging station integrated with PV power generation, and battery energy storage system, by using ANSYS TwinBuilder. In this paper, the control scheme and combination of PV power generation, EV charging station, and battery energy storage (BES) provides improved stabilization including power gap balancing, peak shaving and valley filling, and voltage sag compensation. As a result, the influence on power grid is reduced due to the matching between daily charging demand and adequate daytime PV generation. Simulation results are presented to confirm the benefits at different modes of this proposed multiport EV charging circuits with the PV-BES configuration. Furthermore, SiC devices are employed to the EV charging station to further improve the efficiency. For different modes and functions, power losses and efficiency are investigated and compared in simulation with conventional Si devices based charging circuits.

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Published in 2019 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo (ITEC).

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The support of University of Kentucky, the L. Stanley Pigman endowment and the SPARK program, and of ANSYS Inc. is gratefully acknowledged.