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In the city of Medellín, Colombia, Library Parks were formed as a way of promoting inclusive urbanism. A total of ten parks were produced, one being Biblioteca España. Placed on a steep slope, Biblioteca España had structural failure that caused its collapse. WonderEdge was created as a solution for the replacement of Biblioteca España.

Medellín is known as the “City of Eternal Spring” with an average temperature of 70 degrees occuring year-round. Using this knowledge, WonderEdge was formed to promote the outdoor experience and with that, the view that is produced by the slope. WonderEdge is about the experience that one has while within the complex because no person sees something the same way as another. The complex evokes the view by producing a path that follows the slope of the site and has different points to stop and simply look at, specifically, the city beyond and the Metrocable - a form of public transportation for the people of Medellín.

Medellín has a strong focus on culture. Street art is a common and highly expressive form of activity. Instead of creating a space that draws away from the cultural aspects, WonderEdge promotes it. There are specific areas where the structural element is primarily concrete. It is in those areas that people can be creative and use their skills to add a piece of themselves to the complex. Also, the classroom buildings are colored red, blue and yellow to symbolize the Colombian flag.

WonderEdge is meant to be a place where people can have a new sense of adventure every time they come. It is meant to feel like an escape from the outside world, but also highlighting the wonderful aspects about their city: the view and the culture that surrounds them constantly and should not go overlooked.


Grace Butler won the second place in the Design category.