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Fine Arts


Fine Arts


Art and Visual Studies


“Microfibers Are Not Delicious” is a piece where scraps of fabric and thread are found and then place them in glass cylinders of water. The inspiration is from looking at images of microfibers, the goal was to enlarge what microfibers looked for the viewer.

Microfibers are a type of microplastic which get released into our water mainly by washing clothing that is made of synthetic materials, such as nylon, polyester etc. The purpose of this work is to bring awareness to the problem that we are consuming plastic. This piece is apart of the “Not Delicious” series that comments on other types of water pollution such as dye and textile dumping. The overall vision is to create pieces that draw viewers in with minimal shapes and textures than titling them in a statement. “Microfibers Are Not Delicious” has been made by using the same materials as the original multiple times.

The water is saved in containers and the found materials are taken out and dried to not create mold. The water started to gain more texture the more times the piece has been made. The texture is coming from the fibers breaking apart from the long exposure to the water. Our dependence on synthetic materials is likely to increase because of the growth of fast fashion. This piece is to highlight one of the major components of water pollution and post consumer waste.


Meredith Coffey won an honorable mention in the Fine Arts category.