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Published in Acta Neuropathologica, v. 134, issue 5, p. 813-816.

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This work is supported by the Rainwater Tau Consortium and NIH/NIA (P50AG023501, P01AG019724, T32AG023481-11S1, and P50 AG1657303). Additional support was provided by the Ramón Areces Foundation (C.A.), the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation (A.W.K.), NIH/NIA RC1 AG035610 (G.C.), John Douglas French Alzheimer’s Foundation (G.C.), National Alzheimer’s Coordinating Center Junior Investigator Award (R.S.D.), ASNR Alzheimer’s Imaging Research Grant Program (R.S.D.), RSNA Resident Fellow grant (R.S.D.), and NIH/NIDA grant U24DA041123 (R.S.D.).

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