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Master of Music (MM)

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Master's Thesis


Fine Arts



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Professor Joseph Baber


The Silence is the story of William Rose, a man who, while searching the world for his missing wife and daughter, is kidnapped and held in a secret Iranian prison. After many years of torture, abuse and a slow descent into insanity, secrets about his family manifest as mysterious and magical occurrences, creating a dangerous tension between the prisoners and guards. Questions begin to arise: Who is actually in charge of this prison? Why haven’t the guards ever met the warden? Why is the prison haunted by mysterious voices? And what exactly would it take to crumble the walls of this corrupt institution?

Act II scene iii, The Hour of Angels – William sits alone in his cell, carving the images of his wife and daughter into the wall. As he begs his family to come back to him, the image of his wife slowly comes to life.

Intermezzo and Act II scene i, Danger in the Meadow – Flashback. The prison guards spy on Christina and Madelyn Rose as they play in a meadow not far from the secret prison. Christina sees them hiding and in a panic sends her daughter to a distant building to hide and look for help.

The Silence, Overture.mp3 (9835 kB)
OVERTURE - audio recording

The Silence, Hour of Angels.mp3 (14211 kB)
THE HOUR OF ANGELS - audio recording

The Silence, Danger in the Meadow.mp3 (16463 kB)
DANGER IN THE MEADOW - audio recording

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