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Master of Music (MM)

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Master's Thesis


Fine Arts



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Dr. Joseph Baber


The following piece is a three movement, twenty minute orchestral work in a Romantic style whose primary goals are accessibility and beauty. In the process of writing this piece, I learned that strong and memorable melodies are the key to a successful composition - taking influence from Henry Mancini and early Japanese video game composers, this work takes a central melodic theme through a series of variations to demonstrate the power of harmonic and orchestrational recontextualization. Rhythmically, the work utilizes techniques from the Minimalist and Progressive Rock traditions to strike a balance between rhythmic complexity and melodic focus. The three movements are meant to represent three steps towards self-actualization - Explore depicts curiosity and open-mindedness, Engage demonstrates the merits of focusing on one's craft, and Wonder represents the value of feeling awe towards the world even if it is not easy or simple. Ultimately, the work moves through a wide variety of moods and textures throughout its duration while staying focused on the central theme until the end, with the goal of creating a listening experience that is both rich and memorable.

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