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Martin School of Public Policy and Administration

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Master of Public Administration

Executive Summary

The substantial growth in the University of Kentucky’s African American population since its integration in 1948 by Lyman T. Johnson and difficulties some of these students had succeeding at UK has resulted in increased spending by the university to improve retention. Programs, departments, and scholarships have been implemented to get those of African American descent to not only attend the University of Kentucky, but to leave with a degree. While this has been a pivotal issue here in Lexington as the city has hidden behind the shadow overcast which attempts to cover up the deep racial history marked in the area, successful programs have been implemented. Many studies have focused on comparing the collegiate successes of minorities who participated in the Freshmen Summer Program to those who have not. This paper focuses on identifying a relationship of success at the university not just based on the program, but a commonality that can be seen between individuals that have participated.

More specifically, this study will address the following questions:

  • For Students participating in the Freshmen Summer Program, what factors predict success as reflected in graduating and final grade point average?
  • For students participating in the Freshmen Summer Program, does receiving a William C. Parker Scholarship make the student more likely to graduate or have a higher Grade Point Average?

The results showed that for predicting success for students in the University of Kentucky’s Freshmen Summer Program, being a William C. Parker Scholarship recipient and/or having a good high school GPA means you are likely to be successful in terms of graduating and obtaining a higher final grade point average during your time at the University of Kentucky. They also showed that majoring in a scientific related field leads to lower chances of having a high final grade point average and graduating college.