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Martin School of Public Policy and Administration

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Master of Public Administration

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Dr. Jeongyoon Lee

Executive Summary

The Auxiliary Services department at the University of Kentucky (UK) is a far-reaching department on campus that contains everything from housing to dining to events. If there is an office or activity on campus that provides a service to a student, staff or faculty member, it is most likely within Auxiliary Service’s jurisdiction. Some of the departments and/or offices that fall under this umbrella include all residence halls, dining locations, the Gatton Student Center, University Events Management, and the UK Bookstore. Auxiliary Services also manages the partnerships with external companies that provide services to the campus like housing (Greystar), dining (Aramark), and the bookstore (Barnes & Noble). Through a reorganization effort and rebranding launch, the department looks to create and implement an Academic Partnership. This will include both paid student employment internships and collaborations with classes on projects benefiting the department and campus community. Research Design/Results: Interviews were held with key stakeholders in the beginning stages of this partnership to gauge their current position and determine what strategic tools would be most helpful to them moving forward. A preliminary SWOT/C Analysis, Stakeholder Analysis, Goal-Setting, and Performance Metrics were developed based on results. These show the potential for an Academic Partnership and the impact it would have on the UK’s campus should it be successful. A key element of the results was an emphasis on performance metrics and a schedule to measure success. Because the purpose of this partnership is to ensure sustainability, tracking progress will be important to maintain for all stakeholders involved.



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