Year of Publication



Martin School of Public Policy and Administration

Committee Chair

Dr. Nick Petrovsky

Executive Summary

The purpose of this study is to propose a performance evaluation method (organizational effectiveness value) that is most suitable for LH field organizations and to suggest an improvement plan by comparing and analyzing the results from organizational perspective.

I compared and contrasted three LH construction fields. The following is my research findings: First, the main factors which determine successful or unsuccessful field are organizational cohesion and inter-organizational communication. Mutual communication of field groups affects the quality more, if the field conditions are difficult. Second, if field groups fail to cohere and communicate, it is likely to lead to low performance in cost management, construction management, and quality management.

In this study, I recommend that LH field organizations consider more organization effectiveness values and maintain harmony, coordination, diversity and balance with other field organizations. I suggest that LH should play a leading role in terms of organization management for the future.