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Martin School of Public Policy and Administration

Executive Summary

The Manchester Center is a nonprofit agency located in Lexington, KY whose mission is "to enrich lives in our neighborhood through educational, recreational, and social activities." A project team from the University of Kentucky studied the Center's finances, internal business processes, employee development, and services to customers to develop a balanced scorecard. It became evident to the team that the center was strained financially and additional funds would be beneficial to the organization However, before any suggestions could be made it was important to determine where the Manchester Center stood financially compared to similar nonprofit organizations in the Lexington area. To make this comparison, a financial analysis was conducted through the use of ratios. Through the calculated ratios, it became apparent that the Manchester Center was in a financial condition comparable to its similar counterparts. There were two areas of distinctly different ratios from the comparison group. The Center should further investigate why these differences occurred. The Center could benefit from developing a strategic plan, revamping the board, developing strategic alliances, increasing donations, increasing fundraising and developing partnerships with the government.