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Martin School of Public Policy and Administration

Executive Summary

Credit programs can serve different purposes, including encouraging stormwater customers to pay for and maintain Best Management Practices (BMPs) on their property when doing so will provide a financial advantage. Assuming this reduced cost of the BMP will also lower costs for the utility while improving urban water quality, credit utilization can be used to show that a credit program is a successful at lowering the cost of pollution abatement. Evaluating different credit programs might be possible through the use of ratios, or a combination of ratios, in order to compare a credit program’s utilization to other utilities. Policy makers, then, may be able to use this tool as a way to find which credit programs are successful and worth imitating.

This paper evaluates using stormwater credit programs using two ratios using information collected in a survey of 12 different stormwater utilities. The ratios are looked at for analyzing which credit programs are more successful following set assumptions. Next, the ratios are used in a regression analysis to examine their relationship with amount of fees.

The credit ratios have the advantage of measuring utilization compared to other utilities despite the fact that these programs are different in population size and geography. This 4 paper reports findings about the utilization and then provides recommendations for increasing utilization.