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Master of Science in Retailing and Tourism Management (MSRTM)

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Master's Thesis


Agriculture, Food and Environment


Retailing and Tourism Management

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Dr. Pei Zhang


With increasing trust and utilization of the Internet, the sharing economy is emerging in the tourism and hospitality marketplace. This study focused on tourist non-purchase intention to use peer-to-peer accommodation. To explore the non-purchase intention, the relationship between perceived risk and tourist non-purchase intention to use peer-to-peer accommodation, as well as the relationship between impeding factors and perceived risk were tested. The study employed survey data (N = 280) gathered from active adult U.S travelers who have never used peer-to-peer accommodation before and have no intention to use peer-to-peer accommodation in future. The results showed that six impeding factors (i.e., lack of trust, perceived cognitive effort, perceived cost, perceived safety and security, perceived service quality, perceived cleanliness) had significant effects on tourists’ perceived risks. Two perceived risks (i.e., Performance Risk, Psychological Risk) had significant effects on tourist non-purchase intention. Based on the results. both academic and practical implications are provided.

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