We propose a learning innovation called 3-in-1 Hybrid environment as a solution for educational institutions to meet the challenge of balancing campus reopening against public health risks amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Our proposed innovation provides students options to attend class synchronously (either face-to-face or remote) or asynchronously (online) in an interactive learning environment that promotes emotional, behavioral, and cognitive engagement. We designed and implemented a large Marketing Management class with over 800 students as a 3-in-1 course. We examined its effectiveness in an empirical study and found that (1) students have a positive attitude toward 3-in-1 Hybrid learning; (2) they show a high level of synchronous attendance and a low number of missed quizzes and homework; and (3) their quiz performance is a strong mediator on the relationship between synchronous attendance and actual learning. Our study provides empirical evidence to support the promises of the proposed 3-in-1 Hybrid environment to address logistical and pedagogical challenges of student engagement in large class learning.

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Published in Marketing Education Review.

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Hapke, H., Lee-Post, A., & Dean, T. (2020). 3-in-1 hybrid learning environment. Marketing Education Review, 1-8. https://doi.org/10.1080/10528008.2020.1855989

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