To support the University of Kentucky’s (UK) strategic plan, UK Libraries created a Director of International Programs (DIP) position in 2010 to plan and manage its international initiatives. In consultation of the UK administration, the DIP identified areas in which the library could make major contributions toward internationalization. The DIP has made significant progress in the areas by participating in the College of Arts and Sciences’ Passport to the World Program. Each year the College celebrates the cultural heritage of a country/region. The DIP and liaison librarians collaborate with faculty from different departments to annotate and showcase relevant materials from the library’s special collections in physical and online exhibits. We also host lectures and movie screenings in which faculty introduce audiences to specific cultural features and practices. Assessment of the events is reported to the Provost’s Office annually. Thanks to positive feedback and faculty recommendations, the library’s involvement in the Passport to the World Program went from peripheral in 2010 to being a major organizer with the appointment of the DIP as a member of the Program’s steering committee in 2013. Meanwhile, the annual library budget for hosting international events jumped from a pittance to $8,000. This poster demonstrates using images and brochures that the library has been a crucial player in executing UK’s internationalization strategy. Liaison librarians have (and will continue to) played a pivotal role in building lasting relationships with various campus constituents to support UK’s strategic goals.

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A poster presentation at the American Library Association Annual Conference 2014 in Las Vegas, NV.

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A related article was published in the June 2014 issue of International Leads.

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