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Sustainability is a core value of librarianship. However, sustainability is not an end point but a mindset, a lens through which operational and outreach decisions can be made. This panel presentation aims to inform the audience of how public and academic libraries have organized outreach events to raise their user communities’ understanding of climate change and related issues in terms of sustainability, resilience, and regeneration.

This panel will provide examples of sustainability programming, transformative community partnerships, collective responses for climate resilience, green building practices, and instructional course material to guide us on the path to a sustainable mindset in libraries. Resiliency, as a response, will be portrayed in ways that prepare our communities for the disruptions and complexities of living through this unprecedented time. Presenters will identify resources and potential partners that libraries can consider when planning events and relevant services around sustainability in libraries.

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A virtual panel discussion at the 2021 Association of College & Research Libraries Conference.

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The presentation slides and a handout are available for download as the additional files listed at the end of this record.

Achieving-Resilience-for-Our-Future.pdf (1164 kB)
Presentation slides

Sustainability-Practices-in-Libraries-handout.pdf (74 kB)
Handout for readings and resources