Archivists and archival collections can often be siloed into the “special” corner of their parent library: under described, underutilized, and often even unknown. Finding a path out of isolation may require taking a new look at collection management needs and considering new partners in the work. Collaboration with colleagues can result in positive ripple effects that extend beyond the initial project goals. This session will highlight three innovative description projects where archivists partnered with non-archivists to improve access to targeted collections and will detail how their collaborations transformed their archival collections, work structures and relationships, and, ultimately, their users. After the three presentations, the session audience will have the opportunity to brainstorm with the presenters and with each other about where their opportunities for collaboration and transformation lie. What underutilized collections in your repository are just waiting for that perfect combination of excitement and expertise to blossom into wonderful research resources? Which person down the hall from you, in the next cubicle, or in a separate building could be your next transformation partner?

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A presentation at the Midwest Archives Conference (MAC) Annual Meeting held in Detroit, MI.

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