Each year a considerable number of students are placed in developmental education courses which are intended to prepare them for college-level courses. In fact, a 2016 report published by the National Center for Education Statistics showed that 68% of students at public 2-year institutions and 40% of students at 4-year public institutions enrolled in at least one math, reading, or writing, developmental course between 2003-2009 (NCES, 2016). Nationally, many states have begun to focus specifically on these courses and the various ways institutions can surround these students with the academic support structures they need to succeed. However, one support structure is repeatedly left out of the conversation: the academic library. This presentation will look at developmental education from the national and state levels. We will recount how we introduced information literacy into the developmental education program at the University of Kentucky including lessons learned and what we wish we knew beforehand. Attendees of this presentation will not only gain a heightened awareness of an often overlooked population on campus, but also strategies to begin working with these students at their own institutions. Attendees will also be invited to join the conversation so that we might learn from one another’s experiences.

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A presentation at the 2019 Kentucky Library Association (KLA) Library Instruction Round Table (LIRT) Retreat Program held in Louisville, KY.