The matter of Meyer v. Holley, 537 U.S. 280 (2003) was argued before the United States Supreme Court on Tuesday, December 3, 2002. Professor Robert G. Schwemm argued on behalf of the Respondents. This document is a transcript of the oral argument.

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Transcript of Oral Argument, Meyer v. Holley, 537 U.S. 280 (2003) (No. 01-1120).

Meyer v. Holley, 537 U.S. 280.pdf (654 kB)
Meyer v. Holley, 537 U.S. 280 (2003).

Meyer v. Holley - Oral Argument - 2002 12 03.mp3 (13626 kB)
Recording of Oral Argument in Meyer v. Holley, 537 U.S. 280 (2003)



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