This Article is a short report on the impact of Republican Party of Minnesota v. White on the 2006 Kentucky judicial campaigns and elections. The series of events leading up to the 2006 elections can be traced to at least 1988.

While the Kentucky Judicial Campaign Conduct Committee (KJCCC) cannot claim a great impact on Kentucky's 2006 judicial elections, the authors of this Article believe that the committee played a positive role. For the most part, judicial candidates campaigned in a dignified and ethical manner, and refrained from running on issues that might strike a chord with the electorate. Judicial candidates did not go as far as White allowed them to go, and the KJCCC can take part of the credit-or blame-for that. We believe the KJCCC's activity reminded voters that judicial elections are supposed to be different from elections for legislative and executive office and probably influenced voters to cast ballots for candidates who demonstrated that they agreed with that principle.

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Drake Law Review, Vol. 55, No. 3 (2007), pp. 637-652



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