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10-26-2022 11:15 AM

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Nick Roy serves as the Adair County Extension Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources. Since 2007, Nick has worked closely with local livestock producers to improve forage management and production. Nick’s deepest interests include forage production and animal nutrition. In addition to his Master Degree in Agriculture Education and training as an Extension agent, Nick draws upon his experiences in dairy production and beef production to assist local livestock producers. Nick serves as a board member of the Kentucky Forage and Grasslands Council and as a member of the Kentucky Farm Bureau Forage Advisory Committee. Nick is also a co-author of the University of Kentucky Corn Silage Hybrid Report.

After spending forty years in various management, executive, and ownership positions Fred bought a 64 acre farm in south central Kentucky in 2001. In 2007 he “put himself out to pasture” when he bought three weanling heifers. They were the start of what is now a brood herd of about 25 cows. Using many of the management skills learned in the restaurant business, knowledge gained from local producers and the UK Cooperative Extension programs, and lessons learned through trial and error, he has produced on average 20 calves per year. While not a lifelong farmer, Fred’s management style catches the eyes and minds of the most experienced farmers. From relying 100% on artificial insemination to building nutrients from bale grazing, Fred’s management style can be summed up as low input and high output. Fred currently serves as president of the Adair Count Cattlemen’s Association.


Oct 26th, 11:15 AM

Hay Feeding Strategies to Build Fertility in Grazing Systems