KWRRI Annual Technical Reports (USGS’s 104b Grant Program)


The FY 1999 Annual Technical Report for Kentucky consolidates the reporting requirements of the Section 104(b) base grant and regional competitive grant awards in a single technical report which includes: 1) a synopsis of each ongoing research project and each research project completed during the period, 2) a list of related reports published, 3) a brief description of information transfer activities, 4) a summary of student support during the reporting period, and 5) notable achievements and awards during the year. The activities supported by Section 104 (b) and the required matching funds are interwoven into the Kentucky Water Resources ResearchInsitute's total program. Other elements of the program during FY 1999 included: 1) the Environmental Systems Certificate graduate program, 2) the Environmental Protection Scholarship program, and 3) Research and Service activities funded by other sources. Memorandum of Agreement Projects with the Kentucky Division of Water included: 1) Evaluation of the Impact of Gravel Dredging on Buck Creek, 2) Nonpoint Source Management Program Support, 3) Nonpoint Source Management Program Support - Part II (GIS/Data Management), 4) Continued Development of a Watershed-Based Water Quality Assessment and Management Methodology for the Kentucky River. Several additional projects were funded by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health Services (CHS), the Kentucky Department of Military Affairs (DMA), and the Kentucky River Authority (KRA): 1) Technical Support for the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant (CHS) 2) Technical Support for the Maxey Flats Disposal Site (CHS) 3) Technical Support for Environmental Construction, Kentucky National Guard (DMA) 4) Kentucky River Basin Watershed Management Coordination, Phase II (KRA) 5) Kentucky River Basin Watershed Management Coordination, Phase III (KRA)

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