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This is a case study of a group organized to resist the construction of an Army Corps of Engineers reservoir project located in Eastern Kentucky, More specifically the account describes how a group of landowners organized themselves and enacted an increasingly complex strategy of resistance. Within this framework perceived costs, leadership and authority and group organization are considered.

The primary method employed in this research was that of repeated interviews with members of the resistance organization who were identified as key informants. These interviews were carried out on both structured and unstructured bases.

The formal analysis of the voluntary association data emphasizes the process of resistance, That is, the report depicts the evolution of persisting resistance organization. The conclusions include recommendations to both project resisters and project planners.

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The work on which this report is based was supported in part by funds provided by the Office of Water Research and Technology, United States Department of the Interior, as authorized under the Water Resources Research Act of 1964.

This report, an adapted version of William Schweri's thesis for a Master of Arts degree in Anthropology, is part of a series of studies, funded through the Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute, which have focused on the social effects of reservoir development.