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A comprehensive model has been developed for use in modeling the hydrologic response of rill network systems. The model, which is called HYMODRIN, is composed of both a hydrologic runoff component and a hydraulic channel routing component. The hydrologic component of the model uses a Green Ampt infiltration approach linked with a nonlinear reservoir runoff model. The channel routing component of the model is baaed on a finite element solution of the diffusion wave equations. In order to account for backwater effects the model employs a dual level iteration scheme.

The model may be used in either a stand alone mode or as part of a comprehensive integrated rill erosion model. In the latter case, the hydrologic data for the rill network and the associated interrill flow areas is provided by a geographic-hydrologic interface model called GHIM. This model accepts data from a digital elevation model and translates it into a form compatible with the hydrologic model.

This report contains the theoretical development and operating instructions for both GHIM and HYMODRIN. Computer listings for both programs are provided.

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Final Report from University of Kentucky to U.S. Geological Survey Matching Grant No. 14-08-001-G1147 entitled "Hydrology and Sedimentology of a Dynamic Rill Network".

The contents of this report were developed under a grant from the Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey.