In 1949, a 5.737-mile section of portland cement concrete pavement was constructed without the inclusion of transverse joints. The project, designated as Fl 239(4), is a section of US 31W located in Simpson County extending from the Tennessee line (Sta 9+11) to the south city limits of Franklin (Sta 311+40). The pavement is 22 feet wide, 8 inches thick, and is underlain by 1-1/2 inches of compacted No. 10 crushed limestone for insulation and leveling. Air-entraining cement was used and the concrete was placed with approximately 4-1/2 percent entrained air. One-half inch deformed tie bars were used in the longitudinal joint at the center of the slab. Butt-type transverse joints were placed at the ends of pours. The pavement contained no wire mesh reinforcement and was cured by application of liquid membrane-forming compound containing a fugitive dye. The project was completed on June 30, 1949. This final report presents a summary of previous reports and includes results of a recently conducted condition survey.

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No. 258

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