An agreement between the Kentucky Department of Highways and the University of Kentucky Research Foundation, dated March 15, 1969, extended and continued research on Weighing Vehicles in Motion. The agreement contained these objectives of the continuing research:

"The services provided by the FOUNDATION shall be within the scope of the objectives outlined in the original proposal and made a part of the original contract (Research Project KYHPR-61-27, Development of an Electronic Means of Weighing Vehicles in Motion, a part of the DEPARTMENT'S Work Program, HPR-1, Part II). The research shall consist of, but not limited to, the following:

A. Furnishing technical assistance as needed to effectuate the installation of the scale platform and its accessories at the chosen site and in accordance with plans contained in the FOUNDATION'S annual report of "Weighing Vehicles in Motion," Submitted to the DEPARTMENT, September 30, 1965. Any revisions or modifications arising shall be subject to the concurrence of the DEPARTMENT. The research staff shall record all pertinent details of the installation and submit a descriptive report subsequently.

B. Procuring, assembling, testing, and installing the recording system recommended in the annual report (op. cit.) and in attachment No. 1, "Proposed Budget," which is appended hereto.

C. Developing and testing a data-analysis program satisfying the modular input requirements of available digital computers and the desired format of "output".

Changes in the area or topics designated for study were permitted, based on consultation and approval by the parties to the agreement. In addition, the Department reserved the right to revise the scope of the research.

The Department of Civil Engineering, University of Kentucky, was chosen to conduct the research under the direction of David K. Blythe. His staff designed, constructed, and installed the broken-bridge scale platform at the preselected site on I-64-75, and purchased an electronic data-collection system for installation at the site. Since July 1, 1968, the project has continued under the direction of Russell E. Puckett, Associate Director, Office of Research and Engineering Services, College of Engineering.

In accordance with the provisions of the agreement, the data-collection system was selected for its ability to detect individual axles of moving vehicles and to record data in digital format on magnetic tape. The system was designed to convert both the analog signal representing axle weight and a signal representing real time to a digital form that would be compatible with available digital computer equipment at the University of Kentucky.

The separate objectives of the research have been completed. This report includes sections devoted to each of the objectives, and is submitted for approval and acceptance as the final report of this contract agreement.

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This report was prepared by the Office of Research and Engineering Services, College of Engineering, in cooperation with the University of Kentucky Research Foundation, covering Contract No. CH-13043 with the Kentucky Department of Highways (UKRF Project No. 201-65-00709-83001), for the period March 15, 1966 through June 30, 1969. Principal investigators for this research were David K. Blythe, Chairman, Department of Civil Engineering, and Russell E. Puckett, Associate Director, Office of Research and Engineering Services.

The opinions, findings, and conclusions In this report are not necessarily those of the Department of Highways or the Bureau of Public Roads.