This tabular summary represents an expanded version of a draft prepared under the direction of Prof. Bob M. Gallaway of Texas A & M University. The table was compiled from a literature survey conducted during spring 1970. A survey of all states and agencies engaged in quantitative measurements of surface texture would be helpful for updating and finalizing the table. In the meantime, any comments or suggestions concerning any of the tabular entries or other methods of surface texture measurement should be addressed to Dr. J. G. Rose, Research Engineer, Division of Research, Kentucky Department of Highways, 533 South Limestone, Lexington, Kentucky 40508.

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Prepared for distribution to ASTH Committee E-17 SKID RESISTANCE, Subcommittee 17.23 SURFACE CHARACTERISTICS, by Task Group 70-3 on PAVEMENT TEXTURE MEASUREMENT at the June 28th, 29th, 1971 meeting at the Chalfonte-Hadden Hall Complex, Atlantic City, New Jersey.