The general scope of this study, Phase II, was to assess the safety of Mill Creek Dam. Findings obtained from detailed geotechnical, hydraulic, and hydrological investigations are presented. The structural stability, as well as the hydrological and hydraulic stability, were investigated. Specifically, objectives of the study were as follows:

1. To determine the engineering characteristics of the clay core, shells, and random fill. 2. To evaluate the potential for piping. 3. To evaluate seepage conditions at the site. 4. To evaluate the structural stability of the earth and rockfill dam. 5. To evaluate erodability. 6. To assess geologic conditions at the site. 7. To evaluate existing and required spillway hydraulics and hydrology of the site. 8. To analyze requirements for a drawdown facility. 9. To evaluate alternative remedial measures that could be used to correct deficiencies in the dam.

This study presents data relating to the degree of safety and alternative remedial schemes. Information presented herein will aid in the final selection of the remedial method and in implementing remedial construction. Development of detailed remedial plans, however, was not within the scope of this study.

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