This report examines a method of using Piezoelectric Pressure-Sensitive Ink (Tekscan) Pressure Measurement System to evaluate vehicle tire pressures that are exerted on the surface of pavements. Upgrades to the Tekscan system facilitated refinements from previous research and allows for procedures to be modified in order to account for these improvements. Among the most significant advances is the ability to select various sensitivities within the software program. In addition to the methodology of evaluating calibration practices, sensitivity and sensor selection, it was important to determine how accurately the pressures and wheel loads can be computed from pavement tests. Also examined are the effects of variations of the measured tire inflation pressures on the measured contact areas. The Tekscan system is recognized as being applicable for measuring pressures in a variety of settings and conditions. This pavement research testing program adds to the knowledge base. The findings will ultimately lead to an enhanced understanding of how a pavement structure functions at the surface. This will aid in improving pavement design procedures.

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