Complaints concerning traffic noise and possibly seismic vibrations emanating from highways would probably have been adjudicated on the basis of common law doctrines pertaining to "nuisances", "common enemy'', and ''power of relief" were it not for recent legislation and regulations directed toward protection of the total environment. In effect, "freedom from noise" has been added to the clean water, clean air, clean earth policies. Surely each of those policies are founded on public sentiment.

There have been a few instances where the Department has yielded relief because of traffic noise. Now safeguarding regulations seem inevitable.

In the past, this Division has not presumed to pioneer in noise research but has been dutifully watchful toward developments elsewhere. We have procured a basic noise meter and have been cooperating with the Design Division in their more immediate efforts to bring measurements and abatement possibilities into consideration at the design stages.

The formal, research proposal attached hereto is intended to consolidate our more casual efforts of the past into a timely study implementation of regulations. The work thus far has not involved federal participation. Regardless of whether or not participation will be sought, critical review and comments on the proposal are invited. The report submitted herewith is probably best described as "soft work" ; it is a brief review of literature and is included here in support of the proposal. The first part was written by Diana Deen, R. C. Deen's daughter, for a high-school assignment. It appeared to bring forward certain items of information not found in highway literature.

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