Before-and-after impact studies were selected as the means of determining the effect of reconstructing a 4.886 mile (7.862 kilometer) section of US 25E between Corbin and Barbourville. A comprehensive analysis of the "before" statistics revealed the area designated as a potential growth center suffered from social and economic mediocrity. Many characteristics considered essential for economic prosperity are lacking. Per capita income and educational achievement levels are lower than statewide averages. Transportation is dependent upon highways and many existing routes provide a very low level of service.

On the other hand, the area has adequate industrial and recreational potential to insure economic growth when the appropriate factors are combined. It was hypothesized that reconstruction of the section of highway would encourage economic growth and provide a general upgrading of the standard of living in the area. This could be the first step in reversing the basic out-migration problem and would, in the long run, create a means for encouraging a more balanced population pattern in the urbanized sections of the nation.

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