UKSLOPE is a comprehensive, PC-based, slope stability computer program that can be used to design and analyze reinforced and unreinforced earth structures. The computer program consists of two parts: limit equilibrium models and a computerized method for determining the spacing, length, Md number of tensile reinforcement elements. The design of reinforcement elements generally follows guidelines developed by the Tensar® Corporation. However, some modifications and improvements to the original methods have been made. The slope stability analysis portion of UKSLOPE is based partly on the original mainframe version. The following are the main features of the program:

  • UKSLOPE is an extremely user-friendly, menu-driven, computer program. Its Graphical User Interface offers a convenient way to input data and to analyze the results.
  • The program can be used tor both design and analysis of earth structures .
  • Both reinforced and unreinforced earth structures can be analyzed by the program .
  • A vaiety of limiting equilibrium methods can be used for stability analysis. These models include newly developed statical/y consistent methods, which can be used to analyze both circular and noncircular failure surfaces, and also the traditional Bishop's method.
  • Four options are offered to simulate pore pressures in an unstable soil mass. These options cover most practical cases.

Many example problems were considered in the research study. These examples were analyzed by both UKSLOPE and other computer programs. The results of the analyses show that UKSLOPE yields reasonable answers and can be used in practical applications.

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